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End irregular menstrual or postpartum bleeding.

Overcome mid-cycle staining, excessive bleeding or pain, or cycle intervals too short/long.

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 Find out about recent innovations to combat infertility (male/female) or recurrent miscarriage.

Consult about other reproductive health issues.

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Our Mission

Tahareinu is the global frontline for medical solutions for taharat hamishpacha and women’s reproductive health. We transform lives by imparting the most up-to-date global medical knowledge to educate and empower women, couples, and Jewish communal leadership, all the while partnering with medical professionals worldwide. 

Meet the Founders, Rabbi Yitzchok and Mrs. Chaya Melber

Working as a rabbi in the community, Rabbi Melber swiftly grasped the need to address tahara and women’s health issues by offering the most updated medical solutions. At the behest of Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, z”l, Rabbi Melber began attending medical conferences while earning a degree in Public Health Advocacy and a Masters in Leadership. He is a member of the Israel Health Ministry’s Commission on the Advancement of Women’s Health, and has written halachic works on infertility, contraception, and intimacy dysfunction. In 2009,  Rabbi Melber founded Tahareinu together with his wife, Mrs. Chaya Melber, a marriage and family counselor, who directs Tahareinu’s hotline and counsels as a case manager.

Could This Be You?

“I couldn’t get to mikveh due to mid-cycle bleeding. I called Tahareinu, who immediately diagnosed my condition as PCOS. I received proper treatment, which not only relieved my mid-cycle bleeding, it also enabled me to become pregnant. Baruch Hashem, we had a healthy baby girl a year later!”
“I bled for months after my cesarean, and the pills my gynecologist prescribed didn’t help. I called Tahareinu, who quickly identified the problem as a ‘niche.’ My OB concurred, I underwent surgery, and two weeks later, I was at the mikveh.”
“I kept having miscarriages.
After assessing my situation, Tahareinu suggested I ask my OBGYN about a new medication on the market for recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). Less than a year later, b”H, we had a healthy baby.”
“I had short cycles, which was a tahara and a fertility problem. Tahareinu advised me to ask my OBGYN about a medication that would enable more tahara days, and possibly solve my problem of not conceiving due to ovulation before mikveh. B”H, the medication took effect, on both accounts!”

Or maybe you need guidance about something else.

We help you with any of these issues:


Mid-cycle staining


Short Cycles


Long Menstruation Intervals


No Menstruation


Heavy or Prolonged Menstruation


Painful Menstruation


Contraception Advice






Reproductive Organ Cysts, Abrasions or Growths




Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL)


First-Level Infertility (Female and Male)


Complex Infertility or RPL Treatment in Israel (Female/Male)


Intimacy Pain/Dysfunction (Female/Male)


Pregnancy and Postpartum: Bleeding or Other Hormonal Issues




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Education. Consultation.

In addition to operating the Tahareinu hotline, we also educate communal leaders, and provide case management for individual couples whose issues go beyond the hotline. We offer services as follows:

for Community Leaders

Thousands of rabbanim, rebbetzins, kallah teachers, chassan teachers, and medical and mental health professionals attend Tahareinu’s educational seminars. The workshops were so well received that in the summer of 2020, we launched the Tahareinu Certification Course, enabling community leaders to provide the top-notch medical solution knowledge directly to their constituents.

Private Consultations
for Couples
Tahareinu case managers meet, privately and discreetly, to offer individualized medical solutions for tahara, fertility, or intimacy discomfort or pain from around the globe.
Fertility Case Management in Israel
Whether you live in Israel, or are there for fertility medical tourism, we help you navigate the Israeli system, recommending the procedures and practitioners best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just go to my doctor?

Doctors schedules are full,  often preventing them from keeping up with the latest medical innovations, especially since the information changes so quickly. In addition, doctors often work only within their specialty, and are therefore not informed about innovations across specialties which could work for their patients, too. Therefore, doctors appreciate Tahareinu’s comprehensive ‘umbrella’ medical knowledge, alerting them about new innovations they can offer to their patients.

You, the Tahareinu caller,  are empowered with Tahareinu’s information, which you discuss with your provider.

Can’t I just ask my Rav?

Rabbanim deal with halacha, and might not be informed about medical innovations that alleviate taharas hamishpacha problems or other reproductive health assistance. Rabbanim welcome Tahareinu’s medical knowledge since they solve tahara and other reproductive health crises, restoring simcha to marriages.

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