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Taharat hamishpacha, fertility, and women’s reproductive health

who we are

Tahareinu is the leading portal for medical solutions for taharat hamishpacha, women’s reproductive health, intimacy dysfunction, fertility, and healthy pregnancies. We impart the most up-to-date global medical knowledge to educate and empower women, couples, and Jewish communal leadership, all the while partnering with medical professionals worldwide.

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Tahareinu. Transforming lives with medical solutions.

How Tahareinu Helps Women and Couples

Tahareinu is your medical portal for taharat hamishpacha, fertility, pregnancy, women’s health, and intimacy dysfunction.  Here’s how we help:

  • Medical Knowledge and Professional Partnerships
    Our #1 priority is to stay current about the latest medical innovations and advances in order to pass on this knowledge to you. To do so, our leadership attends medical conferences and forges ongoing relationships with top specialists around the world. The medical community also reaches out to us to form partnerships. 
  • Hotline
    Professionally-trained women answer calls five days a week, providing Tahareinu’s knowledge to help you solve your gynecology or fertility problems. The hotline has branches in several cities worldwide, and advisors speak nine languages.
  • Education for Community Leaders
    Thousands of rabbanim, rebbetzins, kallah teachers, chassan teachers, social workers, and therapists attend Tahareinu’s educational seminars.
  • Private Consultations for Couples
    Tahareinu case managers meet, privately and discreetly, to offer individualized medical solutions for tahara, fertility, or intimacy challenges.
Rabbi Yitzchok Melber
Founder and President

Rabbi Yitzchok Melber grew up in Monsey, NY. After studying at Yeshivas Mir in Jerusalem, he received smicha (rabbinical ordination) from the esteemed Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu z”l,  and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Working as a rabbi in the community, Rabbi Melber swiftly grasped the need to address tahara and women’s health issues by offering the most updated medical solutions. He began attending medical conferences along with other rabbis, pursued a degree in Public Health Advocacy and a Masters in Leadership, and founded Tahareinu together with his wife, Mrs. Chaya Melber.  Rabbi Melber is a member of the Israel Health Ministry’s Commission on the Advancement of Women’s Health, and has written halachic works on infertility, contraception, and intimacy dysfunction. Rabbi Melber regularly attends medical conferences across the globe, transmitting his up-to-date knowledge for women and couples through Tahareinu. 

Mrs. Chaya Melber
Hotline Director

Mrs. Chaya Melber, also a Monsey native, has a BS in Behavioral Science, and is certified in Family and Marriage Counseling. She is the driving force behind training the hotline’s medical advisors and managing the hotline.

Rabbi Dovid Bartfeld
Senior Advisor

Rabbi Dovid Bartfeld received semicha from Harav Moshe Shternbuch shlita of the Eida HaChareidis, as well as from Harav Yitzchok Berkowitz shlita. He is the director of the Tahareinu Hotline in the United States, where he works on expanding Tahareinu’s relationship with rabbonim and doctors across the US and Canada, including giving shiurim and answering questions. Rabbi Bartfeld is also involved in the research department, attending medical conferences and meeting with doctors in order to ensure that Tahareinu is at the very forefront of medical innovation.

Professional Team of Advisors

Tahareinu’s hotline operates in fourteen languages, five days per week, with over fifty women working in shifts to answer more than 3000 calls per month.  Each advisor undergoes 75 hours of classroom training, six months of onsite training, and ongoing education from medical specialists.