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INNOVATIONs and advancements

In 1950, doctors could expect medical knowledge to double every 50 years. By 2020, it will take just 73 days. How’s a doctor supposed to keep up?” – Elisabeth Poorman, MD, New England Journal of Medicine

Medical technology advances rapidly, constantly opening up unprecedented possibilities. Yet doctors – overwhelmingly busy and oftentimes specialized – are unable to keep up with all the medical advances that can help their patients.

That’s where Tahareinu comes in. We keep our finger on the pulse of the latest innovations to ensure YOU receive the most effective and suitable advice for your situation.

How We Keep Current

Rabbi Melber and Tahareinu’s senior team attend 20-25 medical conferences internationally, gleaning the latest updates in all fields of gynecology and fertility. We meet with world-renowned experts in each sub-specialty, gaining insights into their research and experience as well as their unique methods of treatment.

We pass on the cutting-edge medical knowledge for you, for doctors, and for community leaders.

Some of the MEdical conferences attended over the last year include:

ASRM/ESHRE (American Society for Reproductive Medicine / European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology)
– March, 2019, New York City

ACOG (American Congress for Obsetricians and Gynecologists) Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting
– May, 2019, Nashville, TN

RCOG (Royal Congress Of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists)
– June 2019, London

Global Congress on Hysteroscopy
– May, 2019, Barcelona

1st Congress on Women’s Health Innovations and Inventions
– July, 2019, Tel Aviv

PCMEP (Pregnancy Loss) Conference
–  February 2019, London


Rabbi Melber is a member of the Israel Health Ministry’s Commission on the Advancement of Women’s Health, tirelessly advocating in this role. Some of his recent pursuits include:

-Approval of insurance coverage for women with endometriosis who wish to freeze oocytes.

-Advocating for patients with primary ovarian insufficiency and premature ovarian failure.

 -Providing funding for women suffering Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) in pregnancy. The symptoms are so severe that many women miss weeks if not months of work, and Rabbi Melber seeks “bedrest” funding accordingly.


Israel Health Ministry Medical and Jewish Literature Award

Ministry of Health’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer Services