Tishrei 5780 / October 2019

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Cutting-edge medical strategies
Taharat hamishpacha, fertility, and women’s reproductive health


Shana Tovah:
A year of branching out

Dear Friends,

Reflecting on Tahareinu’s fastest-paced year in our decade of existence, we are inspired by the increasing number of women and families we are zocheh to help. Our Tahareinu
helps women every hour, 13 hours a day, and our case managers meet with couples daily, often remaining on-call via phone, day and evening, for guidance.

This year, we received a Tahareinu simcha announcement per day on average.

Husbands and wives glow with their news about their new baby after suffering infertility, a hopeful healthy pregnancy after recurrent miscarriage, or getting to mikveh after many weeks or even months.

Tahareinu brings long-awaited simcha to people in your community, daily.

In gratitude for your support, over the course of 5779 we were able to branch out in the following ways:

  • Expanded to 6 new cities: Chicago, Montreal, Zurich, Vienna, Johannesburg, and Gibraltar
  • Visited 17 communities, educating the leadership, and forging connections with local OBGYN and fertility specialists.
  • Participated in over 30 medical conferences and meetings around the world, gleaning updates about cutting-edge medical innovations
  • Trained 30 new hotline advisors, and expanded our medical guidance to cover a broader scope of conditions.

As we near our 10th anniversary, we look forward
to bringing solutions for you and your communities.

LeShana Tovah – techaseivu v’techaseimu 诇砖谞讛 讟讜讘讛 – 转讻转讘讜 讜转讞转诪讜


Rabbi Yitzchok & Mrs. Chaya Melber
Tahareinu Founders

A Year-End Testimonial

“About a year ago, you guided me through the process of getting the help that I needed… This was so appreciated as I felt lost and unsure…You gave me guidance and direction, and told me how to get myself admitted to [a particular] fertility department. Without your help I would not have reached this point so quickly and easily! BH I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy on erev

Wishing you hatzlacha in your own lives and in all your endeavors to help others! And may all your hard work be a zechus for you and your families. 讛讘讜讟 讛诪讬转讞讜 讛讘讬转讻 . Tizcu lemitzvos!”

-C.R., Elul 5779

This Month’s Feature

Solving a Community Crisis

The South African community Rabbanim repeatedly said they are “dealing with a crisis,” of tahara: women take medication after medication, yet still have mid-cycle bleeding, preventing them from getting to mikveh. In addition, infertility has become commonplace, leaving the kehilah pining for ways to achieve healthy pregnancies.

Before landing in Johannesburg, South Africa, in early September, we had 13 meetings scheduled. Word spread so fast about Tahareinu’s impact that we ended up having 35 meetings with rabbanim, top doctors, and other community leaders during our five-day stay, starting at 7 am, often going past midnight.

Why Tahareinu Stands Out

Everyone we met was astounded that Tahareinu’s medical knowledge can help so many people in their kehilah. They found out the Tahareinu difference: We identify the cause of the bleeding or infertility. We suggest minimally-invasive diagnostic procedures which lead to minimally-invasive solutions. We get to the root of the problem. Our knowledge and approach was a game changer for the Johannesburg community.

South Africa’s Medical Advances, at Low Cost

We held back-to-back meetings with doctors and GPs working with women’s reproductive health. To our amazement, South Africa has some of the most innovative procedures and machinery available in the world for women’s reproductive health, and at affordable cost. We were grateful to guide couples there, knowing such medical innovation is at their fingertips.

Meeting with Rabbanim and Educating the

We were deeply honored to meet with the Chief Rabbi and many other leading rabbanim. We gave educational workshops for rabbanim and kallah teachers, and were interviewed on their local station, Chai FM 101.9!

We look forward to continuing the South African branch and hotline launch. The SA hotline number is: 011-568-9680.

10th Anniversary


This Chanukah, Tahareinu will be celebrating a decade since our establishment.

Be involved in the simcha!

Contact us to sponsor or organize a 10th anniversary celebration event.

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