Sivan 5780 / May 2020

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Dear Tahareinu Family in Minneapolis,

We hope your Shavuos preparations are going well. During this challenging “new normal,” we wish everyone a very special Matan Torah, receiving the Torah with new insights to inspire us no matter what the situation.

Speaking of inspiration…After Shavuos, we’re launching the…

Tahareinu Certification Course
for Leaders in Your Community


Men’s Course: June 8th – July 28th, 2020

Women’s Course: June 1st – July 28th, 2020

Calling all…

  • Rabbis and Rebbetzins
  • Medical Professionals
  • Kallah or Chassan Teachers
  • Mikveh Attendants/Bodekets
  • Others working with women’s reproductive health

When we met with you last year, many of you expressed interest in joining a comprehensive Tahareinu course. Now you can.

Tahareinu’s decade of knowledge and experience. Given over for you to pass it on.

Because when it comes to tahara, fertility, and women’s reproductive health, as a community leader, you find you can’t help past a certain point.

It’s heartbreaking.

You know people suffering from…

  • Not achieving tahara. A wife keeps spotting, never being able to count sheva neki’im.
  • A chronic reproductive health problem. A woman is in constant pain, worsening at certain times of the month.
  • Infertility. They’ve tried everything, and have not conceived. Or, they have miscarriage after miscarriage.

As you know, Tahareinu provides medical solutions for women and couples in these types of situations every day.

Now you can learn about these solutions, too:

Empower people you know.

Provide medical solutions for tahara, and its impact on fertility and health.

Increase short and long-term health.

Offer the simplest, least-invasive medical options.

Enable shalom bayis .

Alleviate stress and restoring simcha.

Tell Me More

Men’s Course

Taught by Rabbi Yitzchok Melber, Tahareinu Founder and Head of Medical Research. Focuses on medicine with an emphasis on common and uncommon halachic queries.

Women’s Course

Taught by Mrs. Chaya Melber, Co-Founder of Tahareinu, Hotline Director and Lead Case Manager. Focuses on issues with tahara, fertility, reproductive health and intimacy.


  • Live presentations via video conference, providing medical knowledge from A to Z: fundamentals through advanced innovations
  • Interactive Q&A typical of Tahareinu workshops
  • Tahareinu certification upon successful completion of the course


Ten sessions during June/July, 2020.


We are accepting a limited number of participants for this first course.

The course is launching at a special rate of 50% off: $1300, in place of $2600.

Pre-register this week to
receive an additional $100 off.

Questions? Write to

Good Yom Tov,

Rabbi Yitzchok and Mrs. Chaya Melber Tahareinu Founders

Help women and couples transform their lives.