Av 5781 July 2021

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Dear Friends,

It may feel incongruous to celebrate all of Tahareinu’s recent accomplishments at a time designated for deep mourning. But in truth, we hope our efforts to create awareness and assist thousands of couples will have a small part in bringing the Geulah speedily.

We are particularly proud and grateful for the success of our current courses for Tahara professionals, with close to 200 doctors, nurses, Kallah and Chosson teachers, and Rabbanim gaining tremendous knowledge in every area of OB/GYN, Tahara, and women’s health.

Over the past month, Rabbi Melber has joined eight medical conferences in Israel and virtually. Join us as we share the latest innovations in fertility and all aspects of OB/GYN.

May we meet in Yerushalayim soon,

Rabbi Yitzchok and Chaya Melber
Tahareinu Founders


On our minds: The Covid vaccine.
You’re not the only one concerned about its effect on fertility.

We at Tahareinu are happy to report that within the last couple weeks, we have received the latest report from our good friend Dr. Isaac Glatstein, medical director of Harvard IVF Department. After reviewing all the available data, he concluded that there is no medical concern whatsoever with women at any stage receiving the Covid vaccine.

After testing women before and after receipt of the vaccine, there was no change in hormonal profile or AMH (quantity and quality of eggs.)

This should help allay the fears of parents whose daughters are required to vaccinate
before travelling to seminary, and anyone else who was hesitant.

A better way. Just a few minutes away.

Dr. Scott Chudnoff, Chairman of OB/GYN Department at Maimoides Medical Center, now offers on-site see-and-treat hysteroscopy.

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) has long been one of the greatest challenges facing couples – in both Tahara and fertility realms. While most people will turn to medication to manage bleeding, the most effective way to get to the root of the problem and treat is is through hysteroscopy screening.

Dr. Scott Chudnoff, a close friend of Tahareinu and leading expert in all areas of endoscopic/minimally invasive gynecology, now offers hysteroscopy screening with a see-and-treat option. This is revolutionary for members of our community, who will now avoid travelling to hospitals for treatment.

Hysteroscopy is the preferred method for removal of post-miscarriage residual tissue, uterine polyps, or other causes of abnormal bleeding. The upside is that in one appointment the issue can be diagnosed and treated immediately.

We wish Dr. Chudnoff much success in this new endeavor, and salute him for his vision in bringing this vital service to our community.

Maze Clinic: Bringing hope to both men and women

The Maze Clinic, with branches in Westchester, NY and Manhattan, brings relief to men and women struggling with intimacy dysfunction.
What is so unique about their approach? They begin with a dual intake, focusing on both physiological and emotional aspects. This mitigates a common challenge with diagnosing and treating intimacy struggles, and avoids conflation of primary and secondary causes of the issues.

We at Tahareinu were thrilled to meet with Dr. Batsheva Marcus, director of the Waze Women’s Clinic. Dr. Marcus is a world-renowned intimacy specialist – and for good reason. She has been successful in treating hundreds of patients with an individualized and compassionate approach.

Her latest groundbreaking innovation is a laser treatment for women experiencing pain, which has a wonderful success rate and can obviate aggressive and expensive surgery.

Learn more at drbatsheva.com.

Dr. Michael Werner is a urologist at the Waze Men’s Center, who mentioned in our meeting that there is now an innovative shock wave laser therapy available, as well as a full umbrella of services available for men.
An additional department at the Maze Center is the fertility department. They work in conjunction with RMA New Jersey for IVF treatments, and are happy to report many success stories.

Raising the bar on women’s health and Tahara:

Tahareinu has launched an incredibly successful course cohort for professionals.

Close to 200 Tahara professionals are now enrolled in the summer cohort of our course. They tune in live each week from LA, Chicago, Kiryas Joel, and many other cities around the world.

The feedback has been resoundingly positive. Doctors are learning about innovative solutions for our community, Kallah and Chosson teachers are better equipped to train, Rabbanim are armed with comprehensive information to answer questions.

Course enrollees also have the opportunity to approach Rabbi Melber with more complex questions as to how their newfound knowledge applies to specific cases.

This is so much more than just a course; it is a movement of top-down education that is making waves in our community’s understanding of women’s health and Tahara.

A crucial partnership: Relief and Tahareinu

Relief is an organization that provides support and referrals for all mental health issues in the Jewish world. Of course, many challenges are an overlap between the mental and physical health arenas, particularly in women’s health.
Rabbi Melber was pleased to meet with the Relief staff to discuss collaboration on supporting women facing PPD, PMS, and PMDD. We resolved to work in tandem to provide holistic support, referring callers to each other and embracing the best available resources to provide relief.
For those who are hesitant to procure psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, there are specific birth control methods that can reduce anxiety and depression.
As always, you can reach out to the Tahareinu hotline for specific answers and guidance.

Highlights from Medical Conferences held around the world:

As always, Rabbi Melber seeks to learn about every new innovation in women’s health, particularly via attendance at prestigious medical conferences. This month alone, he attended eight medical conferences – some in person in Israel, and some virtual.

Some recent innovations include:

  • At the ESHRE conference, a professor from the London Women’s Clinic presented on Recurrent Implantation Failure (RIF), stressing the importance of doing a deep workup after several failed attempts at IVF. His method is available anywhere in the world, and can preclude the financial and emotional strain of repeated IVF cycles.
  • Another interesting lecture focused on DNA Fragmentation related to recurrent pregnancy loss, which proved the significance of male factor in miscarriages. Testing DFI (DNA Fragmentation Index) can be a crucial step in determining the root cause of repeated miscarriages.
  • A new technology, PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is now available at RMA New Jersey as well as in Europe, and has been effective in treating Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) by bringing inactive eggs back to proper function. This can take the place of more invasive laparoscopic surgery.

The Tahareinu webinar on various topics of Taharas Hamishpacha and OB/GYN has been enjoyed by over 3,000 viewers! If you missed it, you can still view it here

As always, we are willing and waiting to answer any questions you may have about Taharas Hamishpacha, OB/GYN, and women’s health at every stage of life. Reach out HERE.

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