Elul 5779 / September 2019

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Solutions for women and couples.
New strategies for doctors.

Taharat hamishpacha, fertility, and women’s reproductive health.

Medical Institutions Now Approach Tahareinu


Word has spread: Medical institutions are becoming aware that Tahareinu’s superior knowledge saves time and frustration for both patients and doctors. Realizing the value Tahareinu provides, they have begun reaching out to partner with Tahareinu for strategic advice, a win-win for patients and doctors.

Providing strategic advice positions Tahareinu as the ‘go-to’ for cutting edge medical advice at the institutional level, in addition to already being known for guiding women and couples.

In this newsletter, you’ll read highlights about strategic partnerships, medical conferences, our technically-advanced hotline, city updates, and most importantly, case study examples.

Rabbi Yitzchok Melber
Tahareinu Founder and President

Recent Cases – 3 Examples

Three women share about how Tahareinu gave them medical solutions for their reproductive health problems.

“I bled for months after my cesarean. Finally, I called Tahareinu, who quickly identified the problem as a niche. My OB concurred, I underwent surgery, and two weeks later, I was at the mikveh.”

“I kept having miscarriages. After assessing my situation, Tahareinu suggested I ask my OBGYN about a new medication on the market for recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). Less than a year later, b”H, we had a healthy baby.”

“At 7 months postpartum, I still had not gone to mikveh due to continual spotting. The birth control pills my GYN prescribed didn’t end the spotting, and one prescription even made me bleed heavily. Tahareinu gave me hope, advising me about additional medications I could ask my gynecologist about prescribing – not all doctors know about all the medications available.”

Testimonials This Month

“There is no one else like Tahareinu for medical solutions.” – Rabbi Avraham Spitzer, Lakewood

“Thanks so much for all you do for Klal Yisroel…you’re ensuring that Shechina Sheruya Beineihem brings down so much brocho.” -A Husband of a Woman Helped by Tahareinu

2019 Medical Conferences Worldwide

Rabbi Melber and the Tahareinu senior team attended over twenty medical conferences and meetings during the last year in order to stay current on medical advances.

A few examples include ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) in May (Nashville), RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) in June (London); ASRM/ESHRE (American Society of

Reproductive Medicine/European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) in March (New York City); Global Congress on Hysteroscopy in May (Barcelona); and the 1st Congress on Women’s Health Innovations and Inventions (Tel Aviv).

Tahareinu looks forward to upcoming medical conferences scheduled for end of 2019 and 2020.

Pictured: Rabbi Melber at RCOG, June 2019

City Updates

Here are highlights by city of recent medical partnerships, branch expansions, and educational conferences.

City updates

Clockwise from bottom left: Rabbanim educational workshop on solutions for Tahara issues,Vienna; Rabbi Melber with Rabbi Dovid Bartfeld and Dr. Ronit Friedman, Refuah Health Center; with Refuah v’Chessed representatives, Montreal; 300 kallah teachers in Kfar Chabad; evening with Judge Ruchie Freier and Ezras Nashim; Rabbanim educational conference in Stamford Hill.

New York

The Refuah Health Center of Monsey reached out for direct strategic advice from Tahareinu. The second week of August, President Rabbi Yitzchok Melber, Director Tzvi Goldman, and New York Director Rabbi Dovid Bartfeld met with CEO and President Chanie Sternberg, OBGYN director Chani Miller, and GYN Director Dr. Ronit Friedman. In the community, Tahareinu held an FAQ evening with Ezras Nashim with Judge Ruchie Freier and a kallah teacher evening lecture in Brooklyn, a Rabbanim Conference in Rockland County with Rabbi Yosef Yisroel Eisenberg, and a Rabbanim conference and kallah teacher evening in Lakewood.


At the RCOG World Congress in London in June, Rabbi Melber learned specifically about additional NHS coverage for minimally-invasive procedures that can help abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB). This is an example of Tahareinu medical knowledge for the local community.

While in London for RCOG, Rabbi Melber held an educational conference for Rabbanim in
Stamford Hill, and met with several local reproductive health physicians.

Montreal: New Branch

The entire spectrum of Rabbanim, including the Tosher Rebbe, endorsed Tahareinu and were eager to set up a local branch. Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Wosner will serve as the Montreal Rabbi for Tahareinu. From the medical end, Tahareinu’s delegation was impressed with the high standard of medical care specifically at McGill University Hospital, especially their unique unit for recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) and strong focus on cutting-edge, minimally-invasive procedures


In June, Rabbi Melber attended the ESHRE (European Society of Reproduction) conference in Vienna, with 12,000 doctors from around the world. He also visited leading women’s health and fertility clinics – AKH, Goldenes Kreuz, and Viva Neo, and met with leading Rabbanim including Rav Schwartz, Rav Weiss, Rav Pardess, Rav Margulies, Rav Netanelov and Rav Niazov.

Zurich: Expanded Branch

Rabbi Melber met with Rabbi Chaim Moshe Levi, Rabbi Hirsh Meilich Padwa, Rabbi Yosef Weiss and Rabbi Shulem Dierenfeld. One of the Rabbanim noted he knows fourteen couples who benefited tremendously from Tahareinu’s medical guidance.

Rabbi Melber also held meetings with leading OBGYN specialists such as Dr. Wolf of Hirslanden Private Hospital Group. Dr. Wolf was so pleased with Tahareinu that he gladly arranged for all Tahareinu referrals to be scheduled prompt appointments, and for Tahareinu flyers to be distributed in his clinic. Rabbi Melber also met with doctors from the well-known IVF center GYN-A.R.T., and Dr. Passweg of Triemli Hospital.


Tahareinu recently ran lecture evenings about medical solutions for taharat hamishpacha problems, issues specifically for shana rishona, and female intimacy pain. The lectures were given for Eden Center Kallah Teachers in Rosh HaAyin, Nshei Chabad (Rechovot, Kfar Chabad, and Beer Sheva), and kollels in Jerusalem and Lod.

New Branches:
US and South Africa

This fall, Tahareinu is expanding to Chicago and Johannesburg.
Looking forward!

New Hotline Database Workflow
Improves Service

We are thrilled to announce our hotline’s new digital call center platform, spearheaded by hotline manager, Mrs. Rifka Wajchman and program manager, Mr. Sruli Greenberg. The step-by-step “tree” system allows hotline advisors to easily answer caller questions and enter medical history and symptoms into the database, while caller identities remain private. We are also building a medical knowledge base for easy advisor access.

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