Cheshvan 5780 / November 2019

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Inspired by Rachel Imeinu

Dear Friends,

The month of Cheshvan marks Rachel Imeinu’s yahrzeit, reminding us about her years of struggle with infertility, and her sad passing after giving birth to Binyamin. Rachel’s story emphasizes how central a mother’s reproductive health is for her, her family, and the klal.

Tahareinu is zoche to work day and night helping couples with fertility and other reproductive health issues, and their impact on taharat hamishpacha.

Here are helpful tips which Tahareinu learned about at recent medical conferences, as well as an inspiring story.


Rabbi Yitzchok and Mrs. Chaya Melber
Tahareinu Founders

Tips For You or Someone You Know

Innovations for IVF Success, Endometriosis
Diagnosis, Easier Pill/Ring

In October 2019, Rav Melber attended the NY ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) and ASRM American Society for Reproductive Medicine) conferences. Listed here are new innovations introduced at those conferences.

NOTE: Tahareinu brings innovations to your attention for discussion with your medical provider and rabbi. We do not recommend specific brands.

Increase IVF success rate to as high as 70-80%, at very low cost.

​Called Zymot, this $150 male analysis reduces the need for surgery. Due
to this incredible, affordable innovation, Rav Melber advises to attempt
IVF only after Zymot usage. Available in the US, Israel, and possibly other

Endometriosis diagnosis via blood test alone.

Now, a DNA blood test called ARTguide (Assisted Reproductive Therapy guide) removes the need for exploratory laparascopic surgery to confirm endometriosis.
Available in the US and possibly other countries.

New mini-pill and ring options less likely to cause mid-cycle bleeding

Two new products are associated with a lower chance of mid-month spotting: 1) The progestin-only pill Slynd, and 2) the Annovera ring which lasts 13 months, self-inserted monthly. Available in the US and possibly other countries.

Testimonial Story

Identifying details left out in order to preserve anonymity.

A Baby Boy After a Year of No Mikveh

A couple was so distraught: The kallah had not been to mikveh the entire shana rishona due to mid-cycle bleeding. Tahareinu diagnosed her condition as PCOS, which went undiagnosed by her gynecologist because it is an assessment determined by a fertility doctor. Three months after treatment, she became pregnant, and b”H gave birth to a baby boy.

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