Tishrei 5781 / September 2020

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What a Year! B”H Good News to Report

Dear Friends,

We are about to enter the new year with so much uncertainty that we are constantly surrounded by the opportunity to acknowledge that HaKadosh Baruch Hu is the only One who knows the true plan.

B”H, one thing that remains stable is that Tahareinu is here for you.Here to answer your questions about how you can medically alleviate taharas hamishpacha problems, infertility, and other reproductive health issues – both for women and men.


We’re thrilled that we were zocheh to increase our reach, both personally and on a mass educational scale, despite coronavirus. Here’s a glance at Tahareinu’s impact via the numbers this year:

  • Hotline calls more than doubled to 2800/month.
  • Couples consultations and case management alsomore than doubled to 2400/year.
  • Officially opened in Montreal, andcontinue to expand in Lakewood, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, Zurich, Manchester, Vienna, and Johannesburg.
  • We continue to attend major medical conferences– all via webinar due to Corona. Just this past month we attended 12 conferences on fertility and reproductive health. This is the medical innovation knowledge we bring to you daily.
  • Trained 180 people for Tahareinu Certificationin Medical Innovations for Taharat HaMishpacha and Reproductive Health. We are very pleased to offer our second Tahareinu Certification Course, starting after the yomim noraim. See below for more info, and for other updates as well.

Tahareinu wishes you and your families

L’shanah tovah umetuka – tikatevu v’tichatemu.


Rabbi Yitzchok and Mrs. Chaya Melber Tahareinu Founders and Directors

Good News for Male-Factor Infertility in Israel

A procedure originating in Japan can be the saving grace for men experiencing zero- count infertility. Called Round Spermatid Injection, or ROSI, the procedure is performed in Israel by two doctors: Dr. Aharon Peretz of Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, and Dr. Shlomi Barak of Assuta Hospital in Rishon Lezion. Contact Tahareinu for more information.

Trust Yourself with Menopause Symptoms

NAMS, the North American Menopause Society, released a statement positing that 27% to 84% of postmenopausal women experience symptoms of the menopausal condition called GSM (originally VVA) which can significantly impair health, intimacy function, and quality of life.

The problem is that these symptoms are likely underdiagnosed and undertreated. If you or anyone you know experiences pelvic pain/dysfunction or hormonally-induced emotional issues from age 45 and onward, speak with Tahareinu about your symptoms. The NAMS position statement concluded that most women’s symptoms are relieved by over- the-counter (non-hormonal) creams, and in more severe cases, low-dose hormonal prescription treatments could be an option.


Following the overwhelming success of the first course this summer…

Next Online Certification Course Begins After Sukkos

If you work with people struggling with problems with tahara, fertility, and reproductive health



Learn about the latest medical innovations.

Provide people you know the effective guidance they truly need to overcome daily battles.

Help your community members restore simcha.


The Tahareinu Certification Course is geared for:

  • Rabbis and Rebbetzins
  • Chasson and Kallah Teachers
  • Mikveh Attendants and Bodekets
  • Medical and Mental Health Professionals

Register by September 30, 2020 and receive $100 off.

Got a question about relieving tahara problems, infertility, reproductive health, pain or other related issues?

call the Tahareinu hotline


Your support enables Tahareinu to help people you know with tahara, women’s reproductive health, and fertility.