Iyar 5781 April 2021

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Exciting Innovations

Dear Friends,

Read below for Tahareinu’s latest promising updates on fertility and reproductive health, gleaned from the many global medical conferences our leadership attended in the past few weeks.

Israel Office Open for In-Person
We are zocheh to continue to help your family or families like yours with mitzvot of nefesh v’guf on a daily basis. With this, we are delighted to report that our Israel office has reopened for in-person consultations, in line with the country’s coronavirus status. To schedule, go to the bottom of this email.

Rabbi Yitzchok and Chaya Melber
Tahareinu Founders

News on Fertility and Pregnancy

Good Seed, Bad Seed: WATCH Videos from Two Israeli Fertility-Tech Startups

For couples undergoing fertility treatment, selecting top-quality seed is critical for success, yet many fertility clinics do not have a means to effectively do so. Two Israeli startups are now offering technology for fertility clinics to spot the good versus bad sperm.

One company, startup BAIBYS, uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine vision (MV), aiming to introduce easy seed selection as standard of care for fertility clinics. Watch their video to see the selection in process.

Another company, QART Medical, creates accessible sperm imagery in its QISI (Quantitative Interferometric Sperm Imager) system, allowing the sperm cell to be measurable for size and quality. Watch their explanatory video here.

Stay tuned for availability within the next year.

TTC? Pinpoint Your Fertile Window With an App

A wristwatch app is now available to track a woman’s body rhythms to pinpoint her “fertile window,” or the days most likely to lead to conception.

The app, called Ava, tracks pulse, skin temperature, heart rate fluctuations, breathing, and blood circulation, all of which can indicate peak fertility. Furthermore, since Ava’s working during your nighttime shut-eye, it also tracks your sleep quality, which can affect fertility. Aya combines all of the woman’s data, and recommends ideal TTC days accordingly.

Want to track your basal body temperature only? There’s an app for just that, too: TempDrop.

Could a Diabetes Drug Prevent Recurrent Miscarriage?

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), defined as at least 3 sequential miscarriages, is very trying for couples. One hopeful option on the horizon is a drug to alleviate one of the causes: lack of stem cells in the uterine lining. Under regular circumstances, the uterine lining replaces itself after menstruation or birth, yet for some women experiencing RPL, this is not the case. Read more about Tommy’s research on why the diabetes drug sitagliptin may be able to help. And while you’re there, you might find other Tommy’s pregnancy research projects interesting to read as well.

Home Ultrasound for Pregnancy

Not feeling your baby move – chas v’shalom? Can’t make it for a prenatal appointment because of Covid restrictions? You can now do a self-ultrasound, either online or offline, and have the results sent to your medical provider. Pulsenmore, an Israeli invention which has applied for FDA approval, uses ultrasound technology linked to a phone app. Your doctor or ultrasound technician can assess fetal movement and positioning, placental health, and other goings-on in the womb.

Pulsenmore’s convenience advantage will continue to change the landscape of service way
beyond Covid. Currently available with Clalit Kupah in Israel, Pulsenmore is expanding in Israel, the US and globally

WATCH: Pinpoint Ideal IVF Timing with This Internal Camera

Call it fertility photography. Israeli startup Fertigo created a camera device inserted into the woman’s uterus that sends photos during her fertile window to determine the ideal time for implanting embryos in the inner lining of the uterus, or endometrium. Watch how it works, and look out for it in the near future.


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