Elul 5783 / September 2022

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Dear Friends, 

As we wind down a whirlwind year of incredible growth and accomplishment B”H, we thank you, our readers and partners, for your encouragement and participation. 

We wish each and every one of you a Kesiva Vachasima Tova, a year full of growth, happiness, and of course – good health. 

We look forward to another year of innovation, assistance, and connection.

Rabbi Yitzchok Melber

Sun – Thurs: Sep 11 – 15

We are pleased to announce that Rabbi Melber will be visiting the greater New York area with the express purpose of counseling couples struggling with infertility, pregnancy loss, and/or genetic issues. He will spend one day each in Monsey, Brooklyn, Lakewood, and already has many couples signed-up for in-person meetings.

To take advantage of this opportunity, please click here

He is also looking forward to cementing Tahareinu’s relationship with doctors and other key individuals in the medical field. Updates will be shared following the trip.


Dr. Shloimy Cohen of Tel Hashomer hospital lectured on the topic of chronic pelvic pain. He mainly focused on the aspect of nerve involvement. This is a new medical breakthrough, and sheds light on chronic pelvic pain that doesn’t respond to conventional treatment. Until now the medical community didn’t have much to offer in this regard, but it has now been discovered that the nerve system can overlap with many med conditions, including endometriosis, vulvodynia, fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, chronic lower back pain, and IBS.

His research shows that taking Gabapentin for chronic pelvic pain can in fact make the condition worse. 

Treatment requires a unique subspecialty of Neuropelveology and is now offered in the States, Europe, and Israel. It involves a laparoscopic procedure that is both safe and effective.

Dr. Ron Scheinman, endometriosis expert from Tel Aviv, presented on endometriosis in the ovaries, also called endometrioma. This condition is complex because when the inflammation is inside the ovary, it cannot be ignored because it may kill the eggs over time. 

Conversely, if doctors choose to operate on the patient to treat the endometriosis, that itself can destroy the eggs. 

Currently, the recommendation is to freeze eggs prior to any treatment of endometrioma to avoid lowering the AMH. 

He presented information that is important for patients to know, since not every endometriosis unit employs these techniques. 

With either of these 3 options, risk goes down significantly:

  • laser ablation
  • plasma ablation
  • 3 ethanol ablation

Food/vitamins for pregnant women: 

Many increasingly common chronic issues stem from an improper diet; it’s possible that with the right nutrition we can prevent many conditions that are unfortunately often passed on for generations, such as heart disease, diabetes, and breast cancer.

This is important for pregnant women especially, since it can affect not only the fetus and newborn, but the child’s health trajectory for life.  

For example, many women try to avoid gaining weight in pregnancy, therefore keeping a very restrictive diet. But when this is done without a dietitian, it can be very detrimental to the baby. They must gain weight, but again – healthily, with the guidance of a professional. 

They can assess which vitamins they are missing, and adjust their intake accordingly. Proper vitamin levels can increase the baby’s IQ and lessen their chance of contracting long-term conditions. 

The most important key vitamins are Folic acid, Iodine, Vitamin D, B12, and DHA.

Provoked Vestibulodynia: Disease or behavior? 

One doctor opined that Provoked Vestibulodynia (PVD) is a behavior-based condition, as was common wisdom until recently. But a second doctor, Dr. Bart, presented new information which showed that PVD is a physical disease, and that is the widely accepted position today. 

She presented research from Professor Ahinoam Lev-Sagie,  

expert at Hadassah University Medical Center that showed that when diagnosed with q-tip test as actual pain, it is a medical condition that can be caused by myriad factors. 

The preferred treatment is LLLP, or low level laser therapy. It is now available at Maze Clinic in Westchester also available in Israel, one of the leading countries. Dr. Lev-Sagie reported a 92% success rate when used on the right target patients. 

Tahareinu recommends that if someone has pain during intimacy, they should first go for a diagnosis by a specialist in these conditions to determine what is causing the pain, and then pursue treatment.


As we conclude our first year completely out of Covid restrictions, we are pleased to be back to our full travel schedule, bringing you the latest innovations in OB/GYN and fertility from around the world. 

This year Rabbi and Mrs. Melber were able to attend the ASRM Conference in Baltimore, the ESHRE Conference in Europe, and the ACOG Conference in San Diego, as well as dozens of smaller conferences in Isreal and via Zoom. 

We also focused on the development of Tahareinu International, initiating a physical presence in new locales. Rabbi and Mrs. Melber visited over 12 cities to counsel couples and meet with doctors. In Chicago and Melbourne, they introduced Tahareinu for the first time in person, and also visited cities in Switzerland, England, and across the US.

Over 70 lectures were delivered to Rabbanim and professionals, and to thousands of participants in-person and via Zoom.

We added 18 new advisors to our hotline, totalling over 70 experts in all areas of OB/GYN. 

Rabbi Melber has met with over 600 couples in private meetings, and we look forward to good tidings from all of them IY”H. 

Tahareinu now works with doctors in field of infertility and miscarriages on local level; please be in touch for recommendations and connections. 

Our direct impact has reached over 50,000 people, but the ripple effect on communities and generations is untold. 

To another year of growth!

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