Kislev 5783 / December 2022

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Dear friends,

It’s not unusual for Tahareinu to have a busy month, but the past month has been unusually full even for us.
We’re grateful to deliver the highlights of our travels, discoveries, and presentations below.

Please note! Our upcoming campaign, Building Families, Fulfilling Dreams, is set to launch!
We ask you to take heed and join below. It is people like you who make the difference by adopting our passion and taking initiative.

Looking forward!

Rabbi Yitzchok Melber


It’s been a whirlwind month, replete with visits to three continents. Rabbi Melber was so pleased to visit the community of Melbourne, Australia once again. He cemented connections with both medical and Halachic authorities, visiting two medical centers and meeting with many couples for consultations. 

In Zurich, Switzerland, as well, Rabbi Melber was warmly welcomed and continued to develop Tahareinu’s ongoing relationship with the community. Rabbi Levy graced our community event with a riveting lecture. 

In the United States, Rabbi Melber spent one day each in Monsey, Brooklyn, Lakewood, and NYC/5 Towns. He met with numerous couples and provided insight into their specific infertility, genetics, and RPL cases. 

Next week, he will be traveling to London. Any couple that wishes to meet to discuss any of the above issues can make an appointment here.


Building Families; Fulfilling Dreams

Campaign launch is live and waiting for you to join as a Tahareinu ambassador!

This year, our campaign is about so much more than raising money to fund our mammoth operations. It’s about raising awareness and bringing the knowledge of the scope of Tahareinu’s reach to so many more people.
We ask you to please join this priceless initiative and make your mark on thousands of couples and families in the coming year.

Tahareinu has truly become an address for Klal Yisroel, with worldwide operations expanding constantly. In truth, there is no match for several of our unique services. Every single prominent Jewish community uses our vital services every day, from Brazil to Melbourne, Montreal to London, Los Angles to Vienna.

But we can’t do it alone.
We need you – so we can keep working 24/6 to bring joy and relief to so many thousands.

Our campaign manager in America is Yiddy Temper. Please reach out to him at 929-564-7488 or

Too many precious Jewish couples are still suffering in silence.
Build families. Fulfill dreams. Join us!

YEAR IN REVIEW: By the numbers

53,000 calls on the hotline

71,000 calls in total, including directly to Rabbi and Mrs. Melber

Countless text, WhatsApp, and email messages

430 babies this year born or on the way IY”H with our guidance

140 meetings with couples in the US alone

270 meetings with couples from around the world

70+ medical conferences

58 lectures in Jewish communities across the globe

67 trained hotline advisors

35% of hotline calls regarding infertility or miscarriages


His lecture focused on novel treatments for female infertility, divided into 3 core issues: Dysmorphic uterus, adenemiosis, and endometriosis. 

Dysmorphic Uterus:

For years, there was little hope of any treatment for this condition. This led doctors to focus more on transferring healthy embryo as opposed to treating the root of the problem. Now, the new guidelines from ESHRE indicate that there should be more of a focus on directly targeting this issue. At the recent AAGL conference, a statistic of to 15% increase in chance of miscarriage was cited in cases of dysmorphic uterus. 

There is now an option of opening a narrow uterus with minimally invasive surgery via 3D ultrasound hysteroscopy. Of course, this procedure has to be performed by a top specialist and using the most cutting edge technology. 


This issue occurs when the tissue that normally lines the uterus (endometrial tissue) grows into the muscular wall of the uterus.

When one seeks to improve fertility by surgically correcting this condition, there are new recommendations that do propose correction via minimally invasive surgery as well. 

And while in the past this issue was thought to occur only in older women, we are now aware that it can happen at any age. 

In addition to this comprehensive lecture, we also featured a case study session in which we went through various infertility cases and trained our advisors accordingly. 

Our course for professionals is also underway!

For the first time, we did an intense in-person module, followed by the usual Zoom sessions. 

It is our privilege to take a part in the education and enrichment of so many worthy authorities in this field.

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