Nissan 5780 / April 2020

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Prep Time

Dear Friends,

It’s that excitingly hectic time of year, when we prepare our homes for the Festival of Freedom.

At Tahareinu we are zocheh to bring freedom to couples throughout the year, freeing up women to achieve tahara and alleviate gynecological problems, and freeing up couples to have babies.

We wish all of you, our Tahareinu family, a Pesach Kasher v’Sameach, may we all be zocheh to the freedom our nation needs globally, and our communities need in particular.


Rabbi Yitzchok and Mrs. Chaya Melber

Tahareinu Founders

A Doctor’s Testimonial: Tahareinu Referrals Lead to Personalized Care

“A woman was referred to me by Tahareinu. She already had children, and then had a miscarriage which was handled by D&C. Consequently, she was unable to become pregnant. Her gynecologist followed a particular protocol, prescribing Clomid to stimulate ovulation in the hopes of addressing her infertility. The woman then called Tahareinu for advice, and they suggested she receive a second opinion from a fertility expert before she used Clomid, and they referred her to me. Considering she had had a D&C, I performed a hysteroscopy to view her reproductive organs internally. It turns out she had uterine adhesions, so I removed them during the hysteroscopy. B”H she became pregnant the next month.” – A Fertility Specialist*

The above story illustrates how Tahareinu connects community members with medical practitioners in order to attain the most efficient care.

*In order to maintain patient anonymity, identifying details are not included.

Do you, or does someone you know, need a solution for fertility, taharas hamishpacha, or another reproductive health issue? Call the Tahareinu hotline today.

Medical Updates

Combating Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: More Solutions Presented at Recent Conference

This month, we bring you even more innovations for RPL from the 4th World Congress on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (WCRPL), held at the Jerusalem Inbal in early December. Here are solutions presented at the conference.

1)  View Embryo Genetics Via Maternal Blood

Sounds like science fiction, but it’s not. If a pregnancy is ending in miscarriage, the woman can take a cfDNA blood test which reveals the genetic mapping (karyotype) of the embryo. This data might indicate the cause of the miscarriage, enabling possible preventative measures in the future. The key is to have the blood test before the miscarriage takes place in order that the karyotype will still be viewable in the mother’s blood. This method, innovated by Prof. Yuval Yaron (Lis Maternity and Women’s Hospital, Tel Aviv), is in the development stage.

2)  Embryoscopy

Embryoscopy allows for both viewing the embryo directly, and extracting cells for chromosomal testing. The results might indicate the cause of miscarriage, which also might lead to solutions for healthy pregnancies. The procedure is done along with hysteroscopy.

3) Estimated Placental Volume (EPV): Preventing Risk of Stillborn

Small placentas can lead to IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction), or even fetal demise. Now there’s a way to assess this potential risk by measuring estimated placental volume, or EPV. Yale School of Medicine’s Dr. Harvey Kliman, in conjunction with his father, mathematician Merwin Kliman, developed the technique by using ultrasound measurements of placental height, width, and thickness. If placental volume is estimated to be abnormal, this might be an indication for pre-term induction or pre-term surgical birth. EPV is available in the US, and possibly other countries.

Pictured: Rav Melber with RPL Experts Professor Howard Karp and Professor Asher Bashiri at the 4th World Congress on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (WCRPL)

Thank You: A Child Is Born

Dear Rav Melber,

There are no words to properly express our tremendous hakaras hatov for all that you did on our behalf, to continue klal Yisroel bik’dusha ubetahara. Every time we look at our heigele child, we are reminded of all that you have done, and our connection with Ribbono Shel Olam is even stronger… Thank you so very much.


The Goldbergs*

*Name changed to preserve anonymity


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Recent Educational Events

Montreal Women

Tahareinu gave a general tahara and gynecology educational lecture for women. Speakers included Rabbi Melber, kallah teacher Chani Carlebach, and bodekes Faigie Hershcovich.

Pictured: Rabbi David Bartfeld of Tahareinu New York partnered with to train over forty rebbetzins, kallah teachers and other leaders. Crown Heights, Brooklyn, February 2020.


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